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The Apparel Expressions Story

In 2005, after working for numerous fortune 500 companies, my wife Jill and I decided that we needed to find a way to spend more time together. Both of us worked in different places and for different companies – raising our kids and working for the weekends as most do. Then we had the great idea of starting a family owned business. I had worked in the uniform apparel business for 12 years and thought it would be fun to bring the rest of the family into it. That’s when Apparel Expressions began.

Jill and I found out that we worked extremely well together. In fact, our little project kept us working 18 hours a day together! We lost our weekends off and we slept out of necessity any time we could. At least we were together! We again realized that something had to change. We got better at our craft and hired an amazing crew. Our long days gradually got shorter and our customer base started growing. Finally, we were going to get to spend quality time together just like we dreamed.

In 2010, we decided to convert our 5-day work week into a 4-day work week. Our employees all worked 4-day weeks already – we just decided to make them the same four days. Now we are open Tuesday through Friday. We still work on some Mondays and occasionally we pull weekend duty if it looks like we might get behind. Finally, we have found a balance that works - and we are still having fun!

Enough about us. What about you? We realize that Apparel Expressions could not exist without our amazing customers. We take the fulfillment of your order seriously. We work tirelessly to provide the best experience possible while helping you “promote your brand.” Thanks to your loyalty as a customer we continue to have a purpose and remain relevant. Whether you are a corporate giant or a one-man band, we appreciate your support of our family business!

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Brett Berglund